Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sauted Lambs Quarters

When I tasted Lamb's Quarters for the first time this past fall I was an immediate fan.  They taste like spinach but heartier.  This spring and summer I have left the ones growing around the garden to get big enough to eat.  One in particular was a good three feet tall and a couple feet wide before removing the leaves.  The more mature leaves have a stronger, but good flavor eaten raw, and delicious steamed with fresh garlic, drizzled with a little xv olive oil and whole salt, as shown in the photo above.  The leaves are denser and drier than spinach, causing considerably less shrinkage when cooked. The young ones are a nice addition to salads, or for a quick snack when working outside.
Going wild can be delicious, but please remember to only eat wild plants you can identify with 100% assurance.
Happy foraging!

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