Friday, July 17, 2015

Garlic Harvest 2015


The first couple weeks of July in western New York is garlic harvesting time. 
The first photo is of our usual German white (best guess on what was purchased 30 plus years ago) and a small unknown red variety a kind friend gave us to try. The next photo shows all 300 bulbs stapled to 2"x4"x 9' boards hanging in the garage out of the sun, with the windows and doors open for ventilation for proper drying. (1/2" or longer staples for the staple gun work well). This is a convenient spot out of the way and affords us easy access to it.  The first couple weeks of October, it's time to plant the biggest and nicest garlic cloves, then before the first frost the remaining garlic is staggered in clumps of about 14, tied securely and hung on the front of the  storage shelves in the cellar where it is cool and dry.  The third photo shows the difference in size of one bulb that had the garlic scape (flower head) removed when it was about 6" long, and one that didn't have the scape removed. Clearly it's worth removing them soon after they appear for larger bulbs to develop, and they taste great too. 
Have a joyous and blessed day!

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