Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mini Brussel Sprouts and Greens

In every obstacle there is an opportunity.  The brussel sprouts had a late start this year and subsequently, by the end of the growing season we had a lot of really small ones.  Although the leaves have always been tossed into the compost pile, adding all the leaves roughly 7 inches and smaller (about the width of my hand) into the cooking pan supplemented the brussel sprout dish well and gave it a nice, more varied texture.  After washing and ribbing the leaves they were cut into 1 1/2" square pieces and gently sauted with the baby sprouts, chopped garlic and onion, in extra virgin olive oil until about half cooked.  Season with whole salt (Redman real salt or Himalayan salt ) and fresh ground black pepper.  Pour (well mixed) canned coconut milk over it and mix in well.  Simmer on low for a few minutes until the veggies are tender but still green, and the coconut milk has reduced a bit, stirring occasionally.  The coconut milk really makes the dish.  If you have full sized brussel sprouts or would like more specific proportions, the recipe can be found in the second printing of the comfort food recipe book.  By the way, if you are making the broccoli soup recipe and you are a little short on flowerettes, substituting up to 25% with the tender young leaves is very good, and a great way to utilize the tasty young leaves.

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