Friday, November 1, 2013

Why write a recipe book?

Why write a recipe book? Simply put, it was the repeated nudges 2-3 years ago from the Holy Spirit to write one!  (I catch on eventually.)  My response when I realized this idea was not coming from me: 'Lord, aren't there enough recipe books already?!'  A couple more nudges the next few days.  'Ok, I'll get started.'  It wasn't a matter of starting from scratch though.  After more than 30 years of experimenting, tweaking, and more tweaking, it was more a matter of choosing which ones to add, tacking down the exact amount of the ingredients, and taking pictures.  (That sounds alot quicker and easier than it was!)  Of course after a couple of years there were also new ones that deserved a spot in the book, such as coconut bars and nutty seed brittle.  All the steps involved in putting the book together have been good practice for me to remember to pray for wisdom and guidance in all aspects of each day; the big things and the small things.  Because the  truth is - in the long run, I don't know which things will end up being the most important.
The recipe ingredients are vegan, nutrient dense, whole foods. Over 60 are also gluten free.  As I recall, there are only three that aren't all whole foods: the spicy veggie pocket shell is made with unbleached flour, a small amount of unbleached flour is used in the burrito shells, and the filo dough for the baklava is not whole grain.  The other 102 recipes are made up of all whole foods.  The sweeteners used have very little refinement.  These are: honey, maple syrup, maple sugar, and/or unsulphured molasses.  If you have any questions or comments on the book or the recipes, you are welcome to email me at:  If you are just getting started on making delicious, whole, satisfying food; there are easy to follow, detailed instructions included, with the ingredients in the order needed.  May you experience the joy of making, as well as eating the food from the recipes you find in the pages of  'Comfort Food'!

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